International Women Day Celebration and Book Launching Event “The Crush” Series

By Women Writers Committee of PEN Cambodia
8th March 2015 at The Noodle Tree Restaurant

On 8th March 2015, Women Writers Committee of PEN Cambodia organized the Women Day Celebration to celebrate women rights day, and promote women’s voices in Cambodian society – the society in which women had long been oppressed, culturally and traditionally.

In the event, the first women publishing group named ‘Kampu-Mera Editions’ was also launched – with which the-first-ever short story collection entitled “Falling in Love” by Cambodian women writers was put on sale in public at the first time. The event was attended by about 40 people including established writers, actor, media, and well wish friends.

The theme of the book is about falling love, broken heart, and no problem. We have observed that young people often hurt themselves and have a low self-esteem once their relationship issues are ended. So, we wrote these 9 stories in a way that women are strong, independent, responsible for their own decision and hopeful for a new positive relationship. Though the title is completely about love, the stories do not fall for loving word like “honey, darling, sweet-heart”. In contrast, we made the stories funny, direct and sharp, serious, and meaningful as possible.

With a creative cover design drawn by a Battambang-based artist, we carefully proof checked by a number of times to ensure that the books we published is made of good quality. Moreover, we were so grateful to get a very encouraging book review from the president of Cambodian Library Network which potentially made our books even special and unique.

PEN Cambodia’s Women Writers Cambodia will cooperate with the Kampu Mera Editions to call for submission of short story from writers all over Cambodia.